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Looking for a new peachy nude lip combo? Try best moisturising lippie ever Vivienne Sabo’s Charme de Vous in 112 and top it with beautiful YSL lip gloss in 20 😚💋👄💄




Halloween was exciting and cool this year. Although I haven’t done any particular costume, I thought a burgundy lipstick would finish up my look.


The coat I am wearing on this picture is from Mango. It was out of stock in my size absolutely everywhere, but I was lucky to find it at House of Fraser and only one piece available! I got quite a few things lately, so fashion haul is coming up!

I curled my hair with my Babyliss curling wand.

As for the lipstick, I am wearing a blend of two.



I find that it is quite complicated to find a perfect shade of burgundy and red lipsticks. But these two bad boys work great for pretty much any skin tone and hair color. They are both in the shade 107( a universal burgundy number or something?!)), one is from Vivienne Sabo, one – from Rimmel. Although the shades are almost identical, these lippies are quite different. The Rimmel one is matte, hence it is drying but at the same time it’s long lasting and doesn’t smudge. The Vivienne Sabo lipstick is one of my alltime favourites, they are VERY moisturising, like a lip balm. But with a bright shade like this it’s not always good, because it does smudge. So what I do, I usually apply the Rimmel one, and then add a tiny bit of my Vivienne Sabo lippie in the centre of my lips to keep them hydrated.




I have recently received these L’oreal products as a gift, so after using them for a while, I thought it would be great to do a review.

Starting from L’oreal Glam Shine 6h lip gloss, I must say I was very prejudiced against it. I tried it in different shades and I absolutely hated it – it smelled cheap, was VERY sticky (even stickier than Victoria’s Secret lip glosses!) and it dried up my lips like crazy. After that awful experience, I would never ever go buy them again. However, when I received one as a present, I forced myself to give it another try.

Mine is in the shade 102 ‘Always Pink’ and it’s a pretty dark pink with very subtle shimmer to it. The color is very sheer and matches my natural lip color almost perfectly. It looks very flattering on almost anyone because it looks so neutral. After applying it, I realized it wasn’t that bad at all. I have found out that with L’oreal 6H lip glosses, some shades just have crappy quality and sticky texture to them, but this one turned out absolutely lovely. As I have already mentioned, it looks very natural and pretty on it’s own, but I love using a nice moisturising lipstick underneath (so that it won’t dry up my lips). Definitely going to purchase a couple of more shades of these.

Next – my new concealer True Match by L’oreal. I have been loving my Garnier roller under my eyes and my Maybelline concealer to cover up rednesses/pimples for a while, until I got this little devil. It’s quite thick, so I won’t recomment using it under your eyes, but to cover up other imperfections, it’s perfect. Great drugstore product, that is easy to apply and blend, it also stays on very well. But what I like best, is the shade – it’s just perfect and it really adapts to my skin tone. If you are tan like me or slightly lighter, definitely try the shade 3 ‘Cream’.

And finally, the new eyliner I got from one of my favourite makeup brands – Vivienne Sabo. I can’t say I am too pleased with it – it’s okay, nothing special. The tip seems really great, but it actually took me a while to make a perfect cat-eye. It’s an okay drugstore eyeliner for just $6.



If I ever have to choose only one product from my makeup collection, it will probably be my Vivienne Sabo bronzer (or my Garnier concealer:)


I’ve been using this stuff for a year already. I first got it because I loved the packaging, plus it’s a drugstore product and costs only $8. When I first applied it, I knew it was perfect consistency, shade, smell, just everything. It has very pretty and subtle shimmer to it and it NEVER breaks me out. Also I love how it makes my skin super soft! Just overall it’s the best bronzer I’ve used!

However, a couple of weeks ago when I went to Watson’s,I found that Vivienne Sabo came up with new bronzers, which I immediately wanted to get.


It turned out, it was the same bronzer, just different packaging, which I think is super cute. I use it every time I do my makeup because it gives a very nice sunkissed look without looking orange or too shimmery.


However, if you are looking for a bronzer to contour your face, I recommend getting a darker one without any shimmer, try chocolate Bronzer from Bourjois or Laguna bronzer by Nars.



Favourite Mascaras

It’s been a week since my Grandpa passed away, so I’m trying to go back to my normal life and working makes it slightly easier. I was looking through my makeup bag today and thought, I never payed enough attention to my favourite mascaras. I’ve been using these two for a while now. I find they are perfect for anyone! The first one – Cabaret mascara by Vivienne Sabo has a smaller brush, gives a more natural look. The second one – by L’oreal is definitely for those who aim for a more dramatic look. But they are both fabulous!!! I usually do one coat of Cabaret on my upper lashes and then, after it dries a bit, apply two coats of L’oreal. And for my lower lashes I put two coats of Cabaret.
So if you are looking for a great drugstore mascara, I do recommend trying these babes!

Hello my loves!

I’ve been soooooo busy lately with work and I also got sick. So no when I am home being sick and working, I thought I could do another ‘top 3’ post. I love these posts coz it is always such a challenge to choose between a bunch of products, the ones that you really really like. Not only in terms of color, but also quality, consistency, pigmentation, staying powers, etc. But most importantly, these do not break me out.

This time it was actually pretty easy to choose.  Obviously, I haven’t tried all the blushes out there, but from what I tried (a pretty decent amount), these are the best.


First, the double blush. I’ve used it soooo much, even the name has wiped off 🙂 It’s from Vivienne Sabo. You guys know, it’s one of my favourite brands. Also this blush in shade 12 I’ve included to the giveaway I hosted a couple of months ago. Both colors can be used separately, but I prefer blending them. The texture is very creamy and makes my skin so soft.  This blush has matte finish to it. I feel like this product is worth so much more than $5. It is even better than 95% of high-end blushes! You get 2x 3,5g of excellent product for around $5.

Second, MAC blush. I’ve been raving about a perfect peachy/coral shade for a couple of months now and MAC’s sheertone blush in ‘Peaches’ is amazing. This blush is slightly more dry than the first one, but it’s very good too. It has decent staying powers, matte finish and no smell. Like pretty much any other MAC product, I love it. You get 6g of product for around $20.

And finally the third blush is from Rimmel. I love these little blushes, the only bad side – I wish the color range was more vast, coz they only have 4-5 shades and that’s it. Speaking about the quality, it’s lovely, the color is a perfect pink, stays on well, very pigmented, buildable. The shade is ‘020 Pink Rose’. This blush has a beautiful subtle shimmer to it. You get 3g of product for around $5.


From left to right:

1.Vivienne Sabo double blush (the lighter shade)

2.Vivienne Sabo double blush (the darker shade)

3. Vivienne Sabo double blush (both shades mixed)

4.Rimmel blush

5.MAC blush

Hello everyone,

First of all I wanted to remind you guys that the giveaway is closing up on January 25th, so hurry if you want to enter. You still have a chance to win!!! The rules are easy – follow me on Instagram, follow, comment and like this blog.

So the winner is going to get some of my all-time favourite beauty products:


The winner gets bronzer, blush, mascara, lipstick in peachy-pink color, brow gel – all from Vivienne Sabo, which is an amazing French makeup brand. Also eyeshadow and highlighter/eyeshadow from Sephora and Rimmel’s Kate lipstick in nude color.

On weekend I am going to announce the lucky winner. And the giveaway is international btw

Also I wanted to mention, that one of the reasons I haven’t posted for a while is because I’ve been pretty busy with my photoshoot. I was not only a model, but I also did my hair and makeup, which I am super excited about:)

So yesterday the photographer contacted me saying the first photo was ready!


I was a bit nervous because it was my first real photoshoot, but it all turned out to be so much fun!!!

The makeup I used: Rimmel’s Stay Matte foundation, Maybelline Affinitone concealer, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, for my brows I used color ‘Tease’ from Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette, Vivienne Sabo’s Coup De Genie Eyebrow pencil in 001 to create a perfect arch and Fixateur Eyebrow gel also from Vivienne Sabo.

For my eyes I used: ‘Bootycall’ from Naked2 palette on my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eyes, as well as a little bit of ‘Verve’. On my lids I put ‘YDK’ and ‘Snakebite’. I usually use more of ‘Half Baked’ and ‘Chopper’, but this time I wanted a more drammatic look, so I used darker shades. For my outer corner of the eye I used ‘Busted’, which is a gorgeous shimmery dark brown color. For my crease I used a beautiful burgundy-ish color (if you can say that, it’s a shimmery mixture of burgundy, purple and brown) from Vivienne Sabo’s eyeshadow quad in 66. Instead of an eyeliner I used ‘Blackout’ from Naked2.

On my lower lash line I applied Maybelline’s Master Smoky shadow-pencil in ‘Smoky Chocolate’ and a little bit of ‘Busted’ on top of that. For my waterline I used a cheap 1$ white pencil, you can basically use any one you like, mine is from Golden Rose. I don’t use white pencils too much, but because I didn’t manage to get a good sleep before the photoshoot, I had to apply it. As for the mascara, I used, ‘Diva’s Lashes’ from Pupa.

Next step – bronzer. I used ‘Voyage en Provance’ from Vivienne Sabo (the same one I got for the giveaway). It’s not too shimmery, not orange at all. It makes my skin really soft and smells amazing. Then goes blush, mine also from Vivienne Sabo ‘Teinte Delicate’ in 12 (the winner gets one too).

Also a highlighter for the inner corners of my eyes, cupid’s bow and cheek bones. I used ‘Mineralize Skinfinish’ in soft and gentle from Mac. And to set my makeup I used Urban Decay’s De Slick setting spray because my skin is oily. But if you have dry to normal skin, you probably can skip that part.

Okay, for my lips I used a cheap nude pink pencil from Flormar, my favourite lipstick ever ‘Charme de Vous’ in 112 from Vivienne Sabo (the lucky winner gets it too) and on top of that I used the best lipgloss ever ‘Precious Pink Jewels’ from Sephora. It makes my lipstick last for good 3-4 hours, is not sticky at all! Very lightweight on my lips, smells great and has a perfect applicator.

That’s it for my makeup 🙂 I know, it might sound complicated, but it isn’t. It took me around 35 minutes to do it.

For my hair I used my curling wand from Babyliss. I love it so much!

On my nails I got ‘Xtreme Wear’ nailpolish in ‘Black Out’ from Sally Hansen.

For my outfit (the part of it you can see on the photo), I am wearing a basic black tee from Zara, black leather jacket from Religion, my earrings are no-name, they are from a local store, my watch is from Paul’s Boutique (love it to death))) and my both bracelets are from Asos.

Hope u guys like it 🙂