Is it me or Lily Collins absolutely nailed it? 🙂 I mean this masterpiece by designer Zuhair Murad looks absolutely stunning on her. This dress screams gorgeous! I love the color, lace detailing, stripey skirt – it’s just perfect.


Also the back of the dress looks amazing. I think Lily’s team of stylists works really well, as the jewellery choice is very subtle, yet chic. The hair looks heavenly too. Lily’s low bun is super simple but elegant – just what this dress needs.


And finally makeup. Lily rocks super pale skin, which definitely complements and accentuates her beautiful thick brows. We can see a little cateye going on and natural peachy tone on Lily’s chicks and lips. No contouring, no heavy highlighting and stuff like that. Also, Lily’s middle parting definitely draws attention to her beautiful features, great skin and stunning brows. Absolutely love this look!

What do you guys think?