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I have recently purchased some shoes from River Island. They were on sale for about $25-35. They still have some gorgeous heels and flats on their website, so definitely go check them out.

Ok, so going back to my order, I have been a fan of RI clothing for more than a year, I love how their jeans fit me and their dresses don’t need to be alterated – they are perfect for petite girls like me. But I have never been a particular fan of their shoes. I just didn’t like the quality and also their shoes used to run pretty large.

However, when I saw these beauties on the website for such an affordable prise, I thought I’d give it a try. And I am happy I did!



I absolutely love these! I ordered them in UK size 3 (US 6, European 36) and they are sooooo little – they run quite small and narrow, which works great for my tiny feet. I loved the quality too. These shoes look very expensive and super cute with many different outfits. The heel is not too high and is rather comfortable. Overall, great shoes and great prise!



Hello ladies,

Just a quick post on 3 makeup items I got on Friday. Super excited about these!!!


First of all, I got a new concealer. It’s from Garnier and it works amazingly for the under eye area. I feel like most concelers are perfect for hiding blemishes and other skin imperfections, but are not that good for eye circles, but the Garnier one is perfect for delicate skin and is a great moisturiser too! It’s around $10 in Watson’s, or check out any other drugstore.

The other 2 items I purchased from  and they are amazing!

Have you guys heard that Cosmopolitan came up with this lovely brow kit? It’s not too big, like some other brow kits, includes tweezers, little brush (which is not very good quality and I don’t use it), highlighting pencil, 2 eyeshadows for defining your brows, brow wax, little mirror and 3 brow stencils. It was $14 and I think it’s a lovely product for the price.


And finally, a new blush from Rimmel. This is sooooooo cute! Honestly, Rimmel products are so good for a ridiculously affordable price. The blush was only $7 btw

Okay, so it’s a lovely peachy pink color. It’s not exactly matte, it has a very subtle shimmer to it, which I love. It’s in color ‘Pink Rose’.


That’s it for my little makeup shopping. Hope u guys like it.



Hello ladies,

OMG I am seriously obsessed with my new Tangle Teezer brush. I got it just a couple of days ago and I have no idea how I lived without it!

This is how it looks like:


I saw one of my favourite beauty gurus Tanya Burr use this stuff in one of her videos. Let’s face it, the brush looks a little bit weird, so I decided to try it out. I purchased mine from

It’s online beauty store, which does free international shipping with no minimum spent!

So yeah, I got it from there. The colors available were black, orange, neon pink and this beautiful gliitery purple (it looks navy on the pictures, but it’s actually purple).


I love everything about this brush – it’s shape, size (not too big, not too small), bristles.  My hair tends to get very tangled, probably because it’s so long. Brushing has always been something that I hated doing, because it was very painful all the time. However, since I got this little pal, brushing my hair is ridiculously easy and fast. But the main thing is that, I have noticed that with Tangle Teezer I loose so much less hair while brushing, than I used to! So thumbs up for this stuff!!!! 🙂

I got it for £10, which this magic brush is 100% worth I think!


Hi guys,

Yep, I got some new stuff from Asos. Everyone knows how obsessed I am with Asos) I’ve been shopping there for almost five years by know. They have lovely highstreet brands there and also they have free international delivery with no minimum spend! 🙂

For a couple of years now, I’ve been into UK highstreet barnds. I find that British people not only have sexy accent, but amazing and unique sense of style as well))

That’s is why shopping is not quite fun for me without checking out such stores as Topshop, Asos (they only have online version) and River Island.

At Asos they offer many Uk brands, that sometimes are very good deals.However, I find that purchasing US brands from Asos is not reasonable – prices are too high most of the time.

Anyways, I almost forgot why I started this post (as usually))))hehe

This time I purchased three items.


These dogtooth print jeans from River Island I got on sale. The photo is from if you are wondering.

I find that no other jeans fit me so well as River Island and Mango jeans do. So whenever I want to purchase jeans online I get them from RI (my size is 6) or Mango (I wear 32). They always fit me perfectly.

These lovely pants have gorgeous dogtooth print and they are so soft! Very good quality!

Next thing I got, is this sweater from Oh My Love:


The sweater was also on sale and they only had one item in stock, so i grabbed it the minute I saw it. I loved the color, shoulder detailing and the fabric – it was said it is 100% cotton! I mean it’s such a trouble to find knitwear without polyester these days 😦

Moving to the part, when I got it, I was really excited first. Then I realised it was NOT at all cotton! But it definitely wasn’t fault of Asos team. The tag of this jumper said 100% cotton, but I can tell it was a big lie. I have a couple of cotton sweaters from Mango and they all feel so much different. Plus, when I tried this burgundy sweater on, my hair started acting crazy -it became really frizzy!!!

Another disappointment about this sweater – it was sweaty… Sorry for this kinda details, I know how gross it may sound. It was obvious, someone purchased it, wore it a couple of times, then put the tag back on and returned it to Asos (what kinda person would do that?!?!). That’s why they had only one sweater in stock. My first thought was to send it back. But then I thought, the jumper was really nice for the price, no matter the fabric. So I washed it. Properly. Several times in a row))

After all I am happy I kept it, but this is definitely the last time I am buying something from Oh My Love brand. It’s not nice to lie about the fabric!

And finally the last piece I got from Asos:


May I just say that Asos jewelery is soooooooo unbearably cute 🙂

This lovely little skull stretchy bracelet was originally only $14. And I love the packaging too.


This is how I style it. I am so obsessed with gold, that’s probably because I am Muslim and Muslim girls love everything gold and sparkly))))haha

I love this oversized watch from Paul’s Boutique and I wear it most of the time. I lam obsessed with the combo of this watch with this spikey and skull bracelets, both from Asos.

The sweater I am wearing on this photo is from Topshop, the acid wash jeans are from Lee.


This is the photo I posted on Instagram the day I got my parcel. Overall, I am satisfied with the items I got. If you are wondering about the price, the order was around $100, but because they had 20% off discount code that day, I only payed $80 for this package, which I think is a very good deal.

What do you guys think about online shopping? What are your favourite online stores?