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These are the lip products that I discovered and enjoyed using in 2013. The reason I didn’t include my Sephora lip gloss or Vivienne Sabo Lipstick in 112 is because I first tried them in 2012.
Going back to my lip favourites of 2013, I’ve chosen 5 products – 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses and 1 lip stain.
The lipsticks are: Kate Matte by Rimmel in 107 (gorgeous and very pigmented burgundy) and Creme Cup by Mac (lovely neutral pink that looks good on so many people).
The lip glosses are: Glam Shine 6h by L’oreal in 102 Always Pink (identical to my natural lip color, looks good on it’s own and locks the lipstick for up to 4 hours) and YSL golden gloss in 20 (I didn’t like it at first, but it works great with my nude Rimmel lipsticks).
And finally, Apocalips by Rimmel in Nude Eclipse is the perfect nude. This lip stain stays on well and smells good. Lovely product!
Overall, I’ve tried so many great makeup products during 2013. Right now I am looking dorward to buying some lip glosses from Tanya Burr’s Lips & Nails collection. She is a great makeup artist and I am sure the products she is launching are going to be luxe quality.


Forgot the swatches, guys. From top: Apocalips by Rimmel in Nude Eclipse, Creme Cup by Mac, Kate by Rimmel in 107, Glam Shine 6h in 102, YSL lip gloss in 20.





I have been quite obsessed with Sephora makeup lately and this bronzer is not an exception. First of all, it looks very lux and expensive and it has a big mirror. Second, it’s HUGE!!! It reminds me of Tom Ford bronzer, but it’s way cheaper. And finally, it’s a beautiful product, that looks very natural on your skin and doesn’t make it look orange. It adds some color to your face without being too much. Not great for contouring your cheekbones because it’s quite light, but I love using it for my temples and forehead.

Sephora Collection Bronzer



If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that my all time favourite lip gloss is Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss.

I have been raving about it for more than a year.

I first picked it up quite randomly. I was looking for a clear gloss, but instead I picked up their ’42 Precious Pink Jewels’. It is a very sheer light pink shade with gorgeous and very subtle shimmer to it. When I use this stuff on top of my lipstick, the brush always picks up a little bit of the lipstick. So eventually this lip gloss changes the color and becomes less sheer and even prettier.



But today I would like to talk about another shade from the Sephora lip gloss line. The new one I got recently is ’06 Shimmery Fresh Peach’. The Sephora website describes it as ‘shimmering golden peach’ and I don’t have anything to add.



Frankly speaking, I wasn’t too excited when I saw it in the bottle as it looked quite scarry and way too gold. But when I first tried it, I saw how sheer and pretty it looked. This shade looks beautiful both on top of a lip stick and on its own, however I do prefer it with a lippie underneath.

Moving towards the quality, it is hands down the best lip gloss I have ever tried in my entire life. Personally for me it works way better than YSL, Dior, MAC, etc. It is VERY light-weight on my lips, non-sticky and long-lasting. Smells absolutely lovely, has great brush and is super hydrating.

So, basically, for $14 you get a massive tube of an amazing lip gloss! I think it’s a great price for such a high-quality lip gloss!


You can find them at your local Sephora or online:

Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss $14

Sephora Lip Gloss Gift Set $20 ($100 Value)



Let me start by saying that this palette is such a luxurious makeup item. For $85 you get a beautiful palette that looks like a black wallet when it is closed. But when you open it, it reveals a big mirror, a miniature version of Diorshow mascara, six gorgeous eye shadows, two lip plumpers, two lipglosses, face powder and two little brushes. For this kind of price you obviously get luxe products, that are great quality.


This palette makes a perfect present. I personally received it as a Birthday gift from a friend.



The eye shadows in this makeup palette are shimmery. There is a beautiful pearly highlighting color, two brown shades on the left, and on the right you get perfect colors for Fall – pink, taupe color and a gorgeous bugundy.

The lip plumpers are lovely too. They are like lip balms and after you’ve applied them you get cold and tingly sensation on your lips.

The lipstick are very flattering colors – very natural, so they will most likely suit every skin shade.

Powder is great too, however for someone with oily skin like myself, nothing works better than Rimmel’ s Stay Matte powder.


And, finally, the mascara. This miniature Diorshow has a tiny wand, hence it’s perfect for your lower lashes. Also it’s great for trips if you don’t like to carry a full-sized mascara.

Overall, it’s a beautiful high-end product that will make any girl happy. It’s perfect for someone who already has a ton of makeup so this palette would be a luxurious addition to the collection.




I have recently received these L’oreal products as a gift, so after using them for a while, I thought it would be great to do a review.

Starting from L’oreal Glam Shine 6h lip gloss, I must say I was very prejudiced against it. I tried it in different shades and I absolutely hated it – it smelled cheap, was VERY sticky (even stickier than Victoria’s Secret lip glosses!) and it dried up my lips like crazy. After that awful experience, I would never ever go buy them again. However, when I received one as a present, I forced myself to give it another try.

Mine is in the shade 102 ‘Always Pink’ and it’s a pretty dark pink with very subtle shimmer to it. The color is very sheer and matches my natural lip color almost perfectly. It looks very flattering on almost anyone because it looks so neutral. After applying it, I realized it wasn’t that bad at all. I have found out that with L’oreal 6H lip glosses, some shades just have crappy quality and sticky texture to them, but this one turned out absolutely lovely. As I have already mentioned, it looks very natural and pretty on it’s own, but I love using a nice moisturising lipstick underneath (so that it won’t dry up my lips). Definitely going to purchase a couple of more shades of these.

Next – my new concealer True Match by L’oreal. I have been loving my Garnier roller under my eyes and my Maybelline concealer to cover up rednesses/pimples for a while, until I got this little devil. It’s quite thick, so I won’t recomment using it under your eyes, but to cover up other imperfections, it’s perfect. Great drugstore product, that is easy to apply and blend, it also stays on very well. But what I like best, is the shade – it’s just perfect and it really adapts to my skin tone. If you are tan like me or slightly lighter, definitely try the shade 3 ‘Cream’.

And finally, the new eyliner I got from one of my favourite makeup brands – Vivienne Sabo. I can’t say I am too pleased with it – it’s okay, nothing special. The tip seems really great, but it actually took me a while to make a perfect cat-eye. It’s an okay drugstore eyeliner for just $6.



Since I haven’t been makeup/beauty shopping for a while, I ran out of some products, plus I wanted to try some new ones.

Okay, as you guys know, Rimmel is probably one of my favourite makeup brands ever. Their products are amazing, so I decided to grab a couple of Rimmel stuff.

First of all, I almost ran out of my favourite powder, mine is in shade 005 ‘Silky beige’:


It’s a great powder for those of us with combination to oily skin. But for summer, when we all get sweaty, it’s a must.



As you guys know, I love Apocalips lip stains and I am especially loving this one in ‘Nude eclipse’. It’s gorgeous, has very creamy opaque formula, stays on well and has very fresh scent to it. Speaking about the Scandaleyes eye shadow stick, it’s my first one and I think it’s a very decent product for the prise. Again, very creamy, vibrant colour, doesn’t smudge. Mine is in shade ‘Bulletproof beige’. And finally the last Rimmel purchase was this eye primer. I haven’t used many eye primers before, only Urban Decay’s one. I usually use my Maybelline’s Color Tattoo eyeshaws as eye shadow base and they work great for me. I was very curious and excited to get this primer, but I didn’t love it that much. I mean it is okay, nothing special.

Next thing I got – a new lip gloss. Since I ran out of my favourite from Sephora, I needed something similar – something very light, non-sticky, moisturising and with a beautiful subtle shimmer to it.


This YSL gloss is in color ‘Golden Macadamia’ and in person it is more beige than pink. I really love the packaging and how gorgeous the color is. However I am not a fan of the brush and the smell. I can say that overall, it’s okay, but I definitely like my Sephora lip gloss (which is like 3 times cheaper) much more!

That’s it for my makeup purchases, and now going to my recent beauty buys.


If you like peel off facial masks, you are probably going to enjoy this one by Beauty Formulas – smells great, cleanses perfectly and is very affordable. Another Beauty Formulas purchase – my favourite cleansing wipes. Because my skin is sensitive, I get these ones and they are brilliant – they remove all the impurities and don’t break me out. And they are also very cheap.

You guys know, how much I love Lee Stafford hair products and I really like my new heat protecting spray. It definitely does what it says. Definitely try it if you are looking for a good product that protects your skin against flat iron, curling wand, blow drying, etc.

And finally, the last thing I got was a new daily moisturiser.


This one by Garnier is pretty good. I apply a tiny amount on my face when I am not wearing makeup. Since my skin is oily, I can’t put it under foundation, I just use some facial toner.  I find that this stuff is really good for those days when you want your skin to rest a bit, but if you have dry to normal skin, you can probably use it instead of a primer, because it leaves your skin very silky.

That’s it for my recent haul,

Love you guys


Hi guys!

It’s crazy and I can’t believe April is over!!! The good thing is that I’ve tried a lot of stuff during the month of April and I would like to share with you, ladies.

Let’s start with my beauty favourites:


The big bottle from L’oreal is my favourite hair treatment. ‘Extraordinary Oil’ makes my hair super heathy, shiny and smells lovely. Also it doesn’t make my hair look greasy at all. I apply 2 pumps of this stuff on my hair everyday, trying to put more on the ends. Amazing product. You can find it at and it’s around $20 as far as I remember.It’s quite expensive, but it’ll last me at least 4 months, so I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Next – hydrating eye cream from Garnier. I use this product before going to bed every night, and then in the morning after I wash my face I apply Garnier’s roll-on eye gel. Overall, I like Garnier as it works great for my skin. This particular cream has a nice light-weight and delicate formula which is perfect for young skin.

The 2 nailpolishes on the photo I’ve been wearing a lot lately. In fact, if I’m not wearing my black matte nails, you would probably see me with OPI’s ‘My private jet’. And I love the name too:)

I find that OPI and Rimmel nailpolishes are always such good quality, they dry fast and the most important – they have opaque formulation. Speaking about this matte topcoat, it’s great! Looks amazing on black nailpolish. Just overall a nice product for a very good prise.



I know I’ve been talking a lot about my ‘Peaches’ blush by MAC, but I really think it’s a beautiful color and I’ve been using it a lot during April. Also I like the combo of this blush with Rimmel’s Apocalips lip stain in color ‘Luna’. And OMG I love this lip product! Very moisturising, stays on well, nice color pay-off and it smells like… cucumbers))) Anyways, it smells like cucumbers to me – a very fresh light scent not typical-sweet-lippy scent, you know.

That’s all for my beauty and makeup favourites.

For my fashion favourites, I thought it would be interesting to write about a celebrity inspiration instead of just clothes. I mean, there is a bunch of celebs out there who have stunning sense of style and fashion, right?

Okay, this month I’ve been absolutely loving this guy’s wordrobe)). And I am amazed by evolution of his style.


I am talking about a 23-year old rockstar from Germany Bill Kaulitz.

This guy used to always be edgy and unique in terms of fashion and self-expression.


That’s how he looked 5 years ago and this is how he looks now. Bill definitely grew up a lot. He used to look ‘gothic boy’ kinda cute and now he looks like a full-blooded hot rockstar.

Tokyo Hotel leaving Bootsie Bellows in West HollywoodoTTo600full-bill-kaulitz

I love his hair too – very edgy but still cute.

Deutschland sucht den Superstar



I know Bill’s fashion transformations are a bit over the top for some people, but I think his style is brilliant – a perfect combination of rockstar and a gentleman.

Going to my favourite movie of April, it is most definitely this one:


If you haven’t watched ‘The Devil’s Double’,  watch it – you’ll 100% love it!!! It’s smart but also very entertaining.

For the music I’ve been listening most in April, I’ve picked these songs:

‘Talk’  by Coldplay

‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster the People

and my favourite ‘Jesus for the Jugular’ by the Veils. It’s an OST from ‘the Devil’s Double’ btw, and if you watched the movie you’ll definitely remember what scene it is from 🙂 lol

That’s it it for my monthly favourites.