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Happy New Year guys!!!!!!!!

Like everyone else I am very excited for 2014. It’s going to have so many lovely and fun moments with the people I love. And since my Grandpa passed away in 2013 it feels good to start a new year and leave all the pain in 2013.

I wish all of you guys to have an amazing time in 2014, have fun, be healthy and enjoy every single moment!!!!! Love ya

Also, I’ve been quite obsessed with cooking lately. These are my latest creations lol



I love fish and eat it pretty much every single day. Salmon is my favourite. The coolest part that it takes less than 30 minutes to cook stuff like that.



Hi, ladies!

Since I am working out 2-3 times a week and not eating red meat any more (for more than 4 years already), I would like to share with you guys some of my favourite snacks that are actually good for your body. But just to clear things up, I am not one of those people, who are obsessed with all things healthy, I mean I do enjoy my caramel mocchiato, pizza, ice cream or chocolate from time to time. However, I do have a certain ‘food schedule’ – for breakfasts I usually have porridge, granola, cereal or boiled eggs, because I feel like they give me energy for the entire day. For lunch I love pumpkin/mushroom soup ( or just any other soup), or maybe some fish, and for my dinner I always have a bowl of salad, my favourite one is tuna salad.

So between my meals, I sometimes get a liitle bit hungry, so I these are super handy.


I am obsessed with mixing raisins and nuts! It tastes sooooooooooo good and is very healthy, so ‘win-win’.

Also I love fruit and nuts ( just anything tastes amazing with nuts)



And this is my favourite granola, which I love to death! It is very yummi

Speaking my favourite healthy drinks, I love green tea, herbal tea (especially mint tea) and vitamin water, this one  with raspberry and pomegranate flavour is my favourite


Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Stay healthy 🙂