Favourite Fall Nailpolishes

I have just realised, I haven’t done any nailpolish posts for a while now. So I wanted to share with you guys these two products, that are absolutely stunning both in terms of quality and color.
I have been using them a lot during October and I feel like they give me so many options of nail art. I can just apply 2 coats of this beautiful navy color (MaxFactor Glossfinity in ‘135 Royal Blue’), it’s fine to leave it like that, but sometimes I add this gorgeous gold shimmery color (Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in ‘003 Firefly’) on my ring fingers. That looks quite edgy and cool. Also, I have noticed that this goldish nailpolish looks quite sheer and light on its own, so whenever I want it on my nails, I first apply 1 coat of black or navy nailpolish, and then 2 coats of the Sally Hansen one.
Definitely try them if you are a fan of deeper and more intense nail polish shades. I love them because they are great consistency, dry quite fast and stay on for a while.