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18 of May has always been a mournful date for my family. On May 18th 1944 the entire Crimean Tatar nation has been brutally deported from our homeland. Today children and grandchildren of deportees still remember the way the Soviet authorities falsely insulted their families and deprived them of homes and motherland.

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of deportation, which is a deplorable day itself, however the so-called Crimean authorities managed to add fuel by banning the annual demonstration. In Ukraine such mournful campaigns were perceived as  a consistent phenomenon, however Kremlin clearly showed disrespect to pain of Crimean Tatars.

Although, the demonstration was prohibited, some Crimean Tatars decided to disobey and gather to pray and discuss future of our nation, solution of existing problems and pay respect to thousands of deportation victims. This caused hundreds of Russian special forces and numerous armoured vehicles attempting ‘to protect’ people from Crimean Tatars. This is ridiculous, considering that every demonstration held by Crimean Tatars has always been VERY peaceful. However, Russian military helicopters tried to intimidate people by flying just over their heads.

After Putin’s soulful speech and adopting the law about rehabilitation of rights of Crimean Tatars, they act as if Crimean Tatars are criminals and surround us with Russian soldiers armed to teeth.

It is hard to make any speculations about evolution of the complex situation in multiethnic Crimea. With Crimean Tatars being 100% loyal to Ukraine and Russian authorities attempting to punish us for that, it is pretty obvious this is just a beginning.








Crimean Tatars Not Welcome In Crimea Any More?

Found this picture today… It fully describes how Crimean Tatars feel right now. Especially the elderly people.