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I am not one of those bloggers who do a favourites post every month. I usually use the same stuff, so it would be quite boring to read for you guys. But during October I’ve been trying out some new products and some of them are pretty amazing.


Starting with this fab sunglusses I got in the end of August. I love these but I am not a huge sunglasses lover – they always hurt my nose and give me headaches. The reason I got these is because my Accessorize ones got broken, so I purchased these from Asos for only $10! I was shocked when I received them – they felt really well done and super amazing quality. They look very expensive and I get lotsa compliments about these sunnies. Also I think everyone needs a pair of cheap sunglasses so that you won’t be afraid of breaking them. That is the reason I use these most of the time and my Marc Jacobs ones are always at home

Next – my favourite perfume for Fall. I have never included a perfume into my favourites post as far as I remember, but since I’ve been using Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears non-stop during October, I thought I’d mention it. I got it a while ago in Bangkok airport, mine is a 50 ml bottle that has one third of it left now. It’s a sweet but not too overwhelming scent. I know that most people use it in the evining but for me it’s a 24h perfume that is very feminine. I am not very good at describing perfumes, but if you like sweet and quite deep scents, definitely try it out.

Argan Oil Nutrition Infusing Mask by Argan Deluxe is something I have been raving about for a while. Great product for split and dry ends. I have done a separate review on this hair treatment so I am just going to say that it is my all-time favourite mask that makes my hair healthy, shiny and more voluminous.

Going to my makeup favourites, I’d like to mention a product that I’ve talked about in my previous posts – Rimmel’s Kate Matte Lipstick in 107. Perfect burgundy shade, that doesn’t smudge (for more details check out my previous posts).

And finally, my two last makeup products that I adore, both by L’oreal – True Match foundation and concealer.

True Match foundation by L’oreal ( I am in the shade R3-C3) is one of the best drugstore foundations 

I have ever used. It’s better than some high-end ones even. It’s not too cakey, blendable and feels light on my skin, but also gives me a decent amount of coverage. It really does kind of adapt to your skin, which I love. Great for normal to combination skin. 

My last favourite is  True Match concealer. I received it as a present from my aunt. Mine is in the shade ‘3 Cream’ and it’s a very neutral beige color with yellow undertones. When I started using it in August I was very tan and it worked perfect, and now when I am quite pale I still use it and it doesn’t look dark at all. So it adapts to your skin too, just as the foundation. It has quite thick and dry consistency, so I definitely recommend it for concealing blemishes and any kind of redness, but not under eye circles.  Overall, the best concealer I have ever tried, will definitely repurchase it.



I have been super lazy with my hair recently. I always find time to wash it and style it, but I forgot to properly treat my hair for at least 2 months now. As a result, my hair has become dry on the ends. Even my L’oreal Elvive oil, didn’t work. I have heard many good reviews on hair products with argan oil. I’ve been thinking between Macadamia and Moroccanoil hair masks, but they are way to expensive – $50 for a hair mask, I mean that’s too much. After I while I discovered Argan Oil Nutrition Infusing Mask by Argan De Luxe. The bottle says that this product is infused with Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, that help repair the hair and restore softness.


This one was just $10, which is a great price for this product.

The first time I tried it, I applied it and left to sit in my hair for about 3 hours. After I rinsed it, I loved the result – my hair was super shiny, healthy and increadibly soft. Since I have pretty oily hair, I was concerned about this mask making my hair even more oily. But it didn’t! Instead, my hair looked clean and nice for 3 days after, and then I had to wash it again.

The second time I used this hair treatment, I washed my hair before going to bed, then applied this mask, did a bun on top of my had and went to sleep. In the morning I rinsed my hair, blowdried and styled it as usually. My hair felt and looked very healthy and shiny. It had lotsa volume as well.

My advice about a hair mask is to use it once a week and always apply it on the ends of your hair (from your ears and down), because if you put it in your roots, they’ll get super oily. And also leave it in your hair for as long as you can – you will notice the results, I promise!

Speaking about the consistency of this mask, it is very creamy and thick.


You don’t need a lot of this stuff – a little goes a long way! The smell is nice too – it has a very distinctive smell of an argan oil, nothing too fruity or sweet.

So yeah, I definitely recommend this hair mask to everyone. It will moisturise your hair and make it look so much healthier. This is proobably the first hair mask in my life that I will be repurchasing because I loved it so much.