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18 of May has always been a mournful date for my family. On May 18th 1944 the entire Crimean Tatar nation has been brutally deported from our homeland. Today children and grandchildren of deportees still remember the way the Soviet authorities falsely insulted their families and deprived them of homes and motherland.

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of deportation, which is a deplorable day itself, however the so-called Crimean authorities managed to add fuel by banning the annual demonstration. In Ukraine such mournful campaigns were perceived as  a consistent phenomenon, however Kremlin clearly showed disrespect to pain of Crimean Tatars.

Although, the demonstration was prohibited, some Crimean Tatars decided to disobey and gather to pray and discuss future of our nation, solution of existing problems and pay respect to thousands of deportation victims. This caused hundreds of Russian special forces and numerous armoured vehicles attempting ‘to protect’ people from Crimean Tatars. This is ridiculous, considering that every demonstration held by Crimean Tatars has always been VERY peaceful. However, Russian military helicopters tried to intimidate people by flying just over their heads.

After Putin’s soulful speech and adopting the law about rehabilitation of rights of Crimean Tatars, they act as if Crimean Tatars are criminals and surround us with Russian soldiers armed to teeth.

It is hard to make any speculations about evolution of the complex situation in multiethnic Crimea. With Crimean Tatars being 100% loyal to Ukraine and Russian authorities attempting to punish us for that, it is pretty obvious this is just a beginning.








Crimean Tatars Not Welcome In Crimea Any More?

Found this picture today… It fully describes how Crimean Tatars feel right now. Especially the elderly people.



Crimean Tatars are often defined as Muslim minority in Crimea, significantly harassed by Soviet regime. Today, when the current situation in Ukraine is especially acute, Crimean Tatars, along with Ukrainians, Russians, and other ethnicities suffer. Euromaidan in Kyiv, despite being a heroic act of struggle against incompetent and felonious authorities, is a phenomena not considerably supported by Ukrainian citizens from Eastern and Southern regions. The main reason for that is Russian-speaking population’s growing concern about infringement of their language. As well that, Russian-based mass media, commonly available in Ukraine, have been fueling the rising uncertainty by deliberately distorting information coming from Kyiv.

The situation in Crimea is complex in particular because together with Slavic population here lives approximately 15% of Crimean Tatars, along with many other ethnicities. The number of ethnic conflicts that scarcely arose before are now increasing rapidly. The Pro-Russian followers have been opposed to supporters of Maidan (mostly Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians). Vigorous statements of certain parliamentarians have facilitated deterioration of the issue. While Crimea is being torn between Ukraine and Russia, Crimean Tatars’ well-being in their homeland is jeopardized again.

Crimean Tatars remember the days when annexation of Crimea to Russia in 1783 led to numerous deaths and exiles to Siberia. This fostered a massive immigration to Ottoman Empire. More than half of Crimean Tatar population was forced to leave their houses in order to save their lives.

During 1917-1933 a very significant number (almost 50%) of Crimean Tatars perished as a consequence of multiple man-made starvations.

In 1944 Crimean Tatars have been accused of treason. According to NKVD, the majority of Crimean Tatars were collaborating with Nazis. The charges have been proved wrong later, as prevailing number of Crimean Tatar men were loyal to Red Army, many served in Partisan Units. Overall, traitors among Crimean Tatars constitute only 1% of the entire number of those who betrayed the Red Army (among ethnicities of USSR). However, no one officially apologized for that crucial mistake and Crimean Tatars are still facing prejudice and ignorance expressed by many communists, Soviet worshipers and some Pro-Russian politicians.

This mistake subjected the entire nation to deportation from their home-country, Crimea. While Crimean Tatar men were fighting for Soviet Union, women, children and elderly people were conveyed to Siberia and remote districts of Uzbekistan. As NKVD reported, 80% of deportees were women and children.

Many died on the way, many perished because of diseases and starvations. The conditions they faced can only be compared to those of a concentration camp.

Crimean Tatars were only permitted to return from the exile during mid-1980s. The houses, they were driven out, were already occupied, so Crimean Tatars settled in outskirts and started to slowly recover.

After the massacre the Soviet regime caused to Crimean Tatars, the genocide is still not claimed. But what is astonishing, is that the monument of Lenin is still standing on the main square of Crimea. In Simferopol there is Mokrousova Street named ‘in honor’ of the head of Crimean Partisan Units, well-known racist who fostered extermination of Crimean Tatars. Despite all the harm caused by Soviet authorities, there are still representatives of Communist party sitting in Ukraine’s Parliament.

All of the facts, mentioned above, make a substantial reason for Crimean Tatar population to be preoccupied when Russian troops and armored vehicles are invading Crimea, when Russian soldiers armed to the teeth occupy Crimean Parliament, other government bodies and Simferopol Airport. Crimean Tatars do not have an alternative plan or place to escape, they only have one homeland – Crimea. Another disturbing fact is that Crimean Tatar language is endangered. Very few descendents of immigrants speak it these days. Even residents of Crimea speak more Russian, instead of native language.  This is another bitter result of Soviet oppressions.

The same scenario is repeating itself for the third time – Crimea is invaded, Crimean Tatars are either deported or forced to leave their homes once more. Human rights, freedom, democracy and no war threats – that is what we all deserve. And Crimean Tatars deserve it as well.

Pray for Ukraine and Crimea

I haven’t posted anything for almost a month. The reason for that, as you can see by the name, was my lovely vacation in Sri Lanka. Weirdly, the Internet there is horrible, so I barely could check my email.
I first flew to Dubai, then to Colombo, and then travelled to Hikkaduwa. Indian Ocean was lovely – warm and nice waves for surfing, or if you don’t like waves, there’s a nice lagoon with very calm water.
I enjoyed seafood there a lot! If you go to Hikkaduwa, you gotta try garlic prawns at Joint in the South Wind restaurant, also they have yummi kalamari and seafood fried rice. Loved shark steak at Top Secret. And, obviously, fruit and juices in Sri Lanka are amazing!!!!!! Try red bananas and soursops. Sooooo good!!!!!!
















More photos coming up!



These are the lip products that I discovered and enjoyed using in 2013. The reason I didn’t include my Sephora lip gloss or Vivienne Sabo Lipstick in 112 is because I first tried them in 2012.
Going back to my lip favourites of 2013, I’ve chosen 5 products – 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses and 1 lip stain.
The lipsticks are: Kate Matte by Rimmel in 107 (gorgeous and very pigmented burgundy) and Creme Cup by Mac (lovely neutral pink that looks good on so many people).
The lip glosses are: Glam Shine 6h by L’oreal in 102 Always Pink (identical to my natural lip color, looks good on it’s own and locks the lipstick for up to 4 hours) and YSL golden gloss in 20 (I didn’t like it at first, but it works great with my nude Rimmel lipsticks).
And finally, Apocalips by Rimmel in Nude Eclipse is the perfect nude. This lip stain stays on well and smells good. Lovely product!
Overall, I’ve tried so many great makeup products during 2013. Right now I am looking dorward to buying some lip glosses from Tanya Burr’s Lips & Nails collection. She is a great makeup artist and I am sure the products she is launching are going to be luxe quality.


Forgot the swatches, guys. From top: Apocalips by Rimmel in Nude Eclipse, Creme Cup by Mac, Kate by Rimmel in 107, Glam Shine 6h in 102, YSL lip gloss in 20.



Just received my new phone case and i love love love them. I got all of them on sale. The one that has lights is from Textile Federation and I found it at Asos. It was around $16.
The two others are from River Island (of course 🙂 and they were only $6 each!
The gold one is my favourite. It’s by RI and it has this very expensive and fashionable feeling to it.
The Ring Ring one is by Skinnydip, which is a cool UK-based brand that does iphone cases and stunning plastic clutches with heave embellishment. Soooo pretty.



Looking for a new peachy nude lip combo? Try best moisturising lippie ever Vivienne Sabo’s Charme de Vous in 112 and top it with beautiful YSL lip gloss in 20 😚💋👄💄