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Guys sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Now I have something exciting to share with you. Considering recent events in Crimea, I try to cheer myself up a bit and get out of my comfort zone.













This is my first post in a while, so I want it to be kind of special. My grandpa passed away recently and I still feel a bit depressed and miserable. I know many people out there go through simillar issues, so if this helps at least one person, I would be really happy!

To start with, I was pretty close with my grandpa. He was really cool, always very cheerful and had the best sense of humour in the whole world. My family is deeply grieving right now. So I feel like I not only have to take care of myself, but also help my Dad with his sorrow.

The first two days after my Grandpa died, I would only cry, but now it feels slightly better. Time heals, as they say. What really helped me, was a good sleep. I mean pretty much 20 hours. I know, it won’t solve your problems, but it will help your body and especially your nervous systems, because no one wants a nervous breakdown.

Second, don’t forget to eat. Preferably healthy. I know, when you are in sorrow, you don’t think about yourself and ¬†you definitely don’t want to cook, so my suggestion is eat fruit. I literally survived on watermelons this past time.

Third, help people around you. What I mean is, there is always someone who is in more pain than you are, so help this person and you’ll notice that it heals you too. In my case, I tried my best to support my Dad, who is very sensitive and misses his father a lot.

Another thing yo can do, find something that would distract you from your loss. I was lucky enough to have my cousin around. We would talk, watch some good movies, read – just do whatever will make you feel better.

But the main thing for me, was to admit my gratitude. Do not grieve, that something you loved is over, be grateful that you had it in your life, because some people might not even have that experience. So I express my gratitude for having an amazing Grandpa, who was my rock, and who now is in a better place.