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These are the lip products that I discovered and enjoyed using in 2013. The reason I didn’t include my Sephora lip gloss or Vivienne Sabo Lipstick in 112 is because I first tried them in 2012.
Going back to my lip favourites of 2013, I’ve chosen 5 products – 2 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses and 1 lip stain.
The lipsticks are: Kate Matte by Rimmel in 107 (gorgeous and very pigmented burgundy) and Creme Cup by Mac (lovely neutral pink that looks good on so many people).
The lip glosses are: Glam Shine 6h by L’oreal in 102 Always Pink (identical to my natural lip color, looks good on it’s own and locks the lipstick for up to 4 hours) and YSL golden gloss in 20 (I didn’t like it at first, but it works great with my nude Rimmel lipsticks).
And finally, Apocalips by Rimmel in Nude Eclipse is the perfect nude. This lip stain stays on well and smells good. Lovely product!
Overall, I’ve tried so many great makeup products during 2013. Right now I am looking dorward to buying some lip glosses from Tanya Burr’s Lips & Nails collection. She is a great makeup artist and I am sure the products she is launching are going to be luxe quality.


Forgot the swatches, guys. From top: Apocalips by Rimmel in Nude Eclipse, Creme Cup by Mac, Kate by Rimmel in 107, Glam Shine 6h in 102, YSL lip gloss in 20.



I have been a fan of the original version of Rimmel Kate lipstick for more than a year now. It is not the most moistuisng lip product, but the pigmentation is great and I love how long lasting it is. Especially if you put a lip gloss on top, you don’t need to reapply it for a couple of hours. Plus, it is a drugstore product, so it is very affordable. I also think that Rimmel lipsticks are similar quality as Mac, but they are twice cheaper.
But going back to the Matte version of Kate lippie, they are pretty much the same quality as the original ones. I recently got colors 113 (beige) and 107 (rich burgundy). The burgundy is absolutely beautiful for Fall and I adore the pigmentation of this product. If you are looking for a perfect burgundy, definitely try this one because it looks amazing on different skin tones.

What I Use For My Brows/ REVIEW: Cosmopolitan Eyebrow Styling Kit

I got this little Cosmopolitan brow palette from a while ago. I really had love-hate relationship with it. First I didn’t like it – the stencils didn’t work for my brow shape/face, I hated the quality of the brush – soooooooo cheap looking. Also the eyeshadows looked too shimmery and not pigmented at all. However, after a while I decided to give it another try. I must say it’s okay if you use a better brush. What I like, when you do your brows the shimmer disappears and everything looks matte. I usually use the darker color for the ‘inner’ parts of my brows, and then for the ‘brow tail’ I apply a nice matte chocolate brown from my Sephora palette.
To sum it up, it’s an okay brow palette for around $10, but you’ll need to buy a proper brush. Also if you have darker hair/brows, this stuff is not for you – the colors are not too pigmented. But if you are blond, this palette will probably match your eyebrow shade.

REVIEW: Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer by Rimmel

I just thought I’d do a quick review on this eye primer. I found it on Asos on sale for $7 or something, which is a very good deal for a primer. I don’t normally use primers because my lids are not too oily, so eyeshadow usually stays pretty well on me. However, I am a massive Rimmel fan, so I was super excited to try out this product. I must say, I was disappointed by it – it doesn’t do what it says on the bottle. It doesn’t make eyeshadow appear more pigmented, but it makes it crease! So if you want a good eyeshadow primer, better get the one from Urban Decay, I know it’s on the pricey side, but at least it works.
Or you can just get Color Tattoo eyeshadows from Maybelline. They are creamy, so they look fine on their own, but they also work great as a primer.
Hope this helped

Since I haven’t been makeup/beauty shopping for a while, I ran out of some products, plus I wanted to try some new ones.

Okay, as you guys know, Rimmel is probably one of my favourite makeup brands ever. Their products are amazing, so I decided to grab a couple of Rimmel stuff.

First of all, I almost ran out of my favourite powder, mine is in shade 005 ‘Silky beige’:


It’s a great powder for those of us with combination to oily skin. But for summer, when we all get sweaty, it’s a must.



As you guys know, I love Apocalips lip stains and I am especially loving this one in ‘Nude eclipse’. It’s gorgeous, has very creamy opaque formula, stays on well and has very fresh scent to it. Speaking about the Scandaleyes eye shadow stick, it’s my first one and I think it’s a very decent product for the prise. Again, very creamy, vibrant colour, doesn’t smudge. Mine is in shade ‘Bulletproof beige’. And finally the last Rimmel purchase was this eye primer. I haven’t used many eye primers before, only Urban Decay’s one. I usually use my Maybelline’s Color Tattoo eyeshaws as eye shadow base and they work great for me. I was very curious and excited to get this primer, but I didn’t love it that much. I mean it is okay, nothing special.

Next thing I got – a new lip gloss. Since I ran out of my favourite from Sephora, I needed something similar – something very light, non-sticky, moisturising and with a beautiful subtle shimmer to it.


This YSL gloss is in color ‘Golden Macadamia’ and in person it is more beige than pink. I really love the packaging and how gorgeous the color is. However I am not a fan of the brush and the smell. I can say that overall, it’s okay, but I definitely like my Sephora lip gloss (which is like 3 times cheaper) much more!

That’s it for my makeup purchases, and now going to my recent beauty buys.


If you like peel off facial masks, you are probably going to enjoy this one by Beauty Formulas – smells great, cleanses perfectly and is very affordable. Another Beauty Formulas purchase – my favourite cleansing wipes. Because my skin is sensitive, I get these ones and they are brilliant – they remove all the impurities and don’t break me out. And they are also very cheap.

You guys know, how much I love Lee Stafford hair products and I really like my new heat protecting spray. It definitely does what it says. Definitely try it if you are looking for a good product that protects your skin against flat iron, curling wand, blow drying, etc.

And finally, the last thing I got was a new daily moisturiser.


This one by Garnier is pretty good. I apply a tiny amount on my face when I am not wearing makeup. Since my skin is oily, I can’t put it under foundation, I just use some facial toner.  I find that this stuff is really good for those days when you want your skin to rest a bit, but if you have dry to normal skin, you can probably use it instead of a primer, because it leaves your skin very silky.

That’s it for my recent haul,

Love you guys


Hello ladies,

Just a quick post on 3 makeup items I got on Friday. Super excited about these!!!


First of all, I got a new concealer. It’s from Garnier and it works amazingly for the under eye area. I feel like most concelers are perfect for hiding blemishes and other skin imperfections, but are not that good for eye circles, but the Garnier one is perfect for delicate skin and is a great moisturiser too! It’s around $10 in Watson’s, or check out any other drugstore.

The other 2 items I purchased from  and they are amazing!

Have you guys heard that Cosmopolitan came up with this lovely brow kit? It’s not too big, like some other brow kits, includes tweezers, little brush (which is not very good quality and I don’t use it), highlighting pencil, 2 eyeshadows for defining your brows, brow wax, little mirror and 3 brow stencils. It was $14 and I think it’s a lovely product for the price.


And finally, a new blush from Rimmel. This is sooooooo cute! Honestly, Rimmel products are so good for a ridiculously affordable price. The blush was only $7 btw

Okay, so it’s a lovely peachy pink color. It’s not exactly matte, it has a very subtle shimmer to it, which I love. It’s in color ‘Pink Rose’.


That’s it for my little makeup shopping. Hope u guys like it.



Hello ladies,

OMG I am seriously obsessed with my new Tangle Teezer brush. I got it just a couple of days ago and I have no idea how I lived without it!

This is how it looks like:


I saw one of my favourite beauty gurus Tanya Burr use this stuff in one of her videos. Let’s face it, the brush looks a little bit weird, so I decided to try it out. I purchased mine from

It’s online beauty store, which does free international shipping with no minimum spent!

So yeah, I got it from there. The colors available were black, orange, neon pink and this beautiful gliitery purple (it looks navy on the pictures, but it’s actually purple).


I love everything about this brush – it’s shape, size (not too big, not too small), bristles.  My hair tends to get very tangled, probably because it’s so long. Brushing has always been something that I hated doing, because it was very painful all the time. However, since I got this little pal, brushing my hair is ridiculously easy and fast. But the main thing is that, I have noticed that with Tangle Teezer I loose so much less hair while brushing, than I used to! So thumbs up for this stuff!!!! 🙂

I got it for £10, which this magic brush is 100% worth I think!