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Instead of going for my favourite simple burgundy nails, I decided to make tips of my ring fingers super glittery and festive.


For anyone who doesn’t know yet, I am a massive caramel macchiato addict. I only drink venti btw. The caramel on top looks delicious!


Favourite Fall Nailpolishes

I have just realised, I haven’t done any nailpolish posts for a while now. So I wanted to share with you guys these two products, that are absolutely stunning both in terms of quality and color.
I have been using them a lot during October and I feel like they give me so many options of nail art. I can just apply 2 coats of this beautiful navy color (MaxFactor Glossfinity in ‘135 Royal Blue’), it’s fine to leave it like that, but sometimes I add this gorgeous gold shimmery color (Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in ‘003 Firefly’) on my ring fingers. That looks quite edgy and cool. Also, I have noticed that this goldish nailpolish looks quite sheer and light on its own, so whenever I want it on my nails, I first apply 1 coat of black or navy nailpolish, and then 2 coats of the Sally Hansen one.
Definitely try them if you are a fan of deeper and more intense nail polish shades. I love them because they are great consistency, dry quite fast and stay on for a while.


I love dark matte nails! I know it’s spring and people are actually using more pastel and neon nailpolishes but I still stick to my dark ones. On his photo I am wearing Rimmel 60 seconds nailpolish in ‘Deliciously dark’ and Matte Finish topcoat also from Rimmel.


Yep, matte again. Same products as on the previous photo, plus Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength nailpolish in ‘Wedding crasher’ on my ring finger.


‘My private jet’ from OPI is so unique. It’s very dark, but still it’s not plain black.

Hi dolls,

You know how obsessed I am with nailpolish and nail art, and so it has been such a challenge for me to pick just 3 nailpolishes that I really really do love.

Okay, let’s jump right into it. My #1 favourite is Complete Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen in color ‘Pat on the black 660’. I own different nailpolishes by Sally Hansen, but I feel like Xtreme wear and Diamond Strength don’t dry too fast and start chipping too soon.


The color is gorgeous. Apply one coat and you get a beautiful creamy purple/burgundy, apply two, and it’s almost black. It’s opaque, not sheer at all, dries VERY fast. The brush is amazing too, and it stays on for good 5-7 days.

My #2 is 60 Seconds by Rimmel in ‘320 Rapid Ruby’. It’s formula and flat brush is very similar to the Sally Hansen’s one, but it starts to chip in 4-6 days after application. But because the price is so good I don’t mind reapplying 😉


As you can see, no matter it’s spring, I stick to my darks, burgundy and red))))

But this color is sooooo beautiful in person, it’s darker, almost burgundy.

The third place goes to P2 Silk Ridgefiller. I love this stuff. I got it as a gift from a friend, who lives in Germany. It doesn’t have any color, but it leaves my nails looking so naturally beautiful and polished. The finish is almost matte.


It dries fast, and I love how it feels on my nails. Also, I know that some people use it as a base coat, but for me it doesn’t work like that. It literally takes 100 years to dry after I apply a second coat of nailpolish.

And now, the Nailpolish Disappointment. It’s weird because overall, I like Maybelline makeup and nailpolishes, but this one was just horrible quality!!!


I was looking for a simple white nailpolish for a couple of weeks now – white nails are huuuuge for spring. I was so excited to try it out, because it looked perfect in the bottle. However, it turned out to be hideous! The color is soooooooooooo sheer, you have to apply at least 3-4 coats for it to look alright. It also dries incredibly slowly. So yeah, very upset with it. If you guys know where I can get a good opaque white nailpolish, please tell me 🙂

Hope you enjoyed,


Hi guys!


I am so in love with my nails! I am wearing navy matte nailpolish with a little bit of gold. I know, it’s spring and there are so many pretty pastels and neons out there, but I am a 100% a dark nailpolish girl 🙂

And since it’s getting warmer, I got a pair of new shoes. They are comfy, versatile and cute. But the best part about them is that they are glittery and studded at the same time!


The studs are gold, which I love!!! And the lining is just adorable. I think Betsey Johnson flats are lovely!

What do you guys think?

Hugs 🙂