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Looking for a new peachy nude lip combo? Try best moisturising lippie ever Vivienne Sabo’s Charme de Vous in 112 and top it with beautiful YSL lip gloss in 20 😚💋👄💄




I have been a fan of the original version of Rimmel Kate lipstick for more than a year now. It is not the most moistuisng lip product, but the pigmentation is great and I love how long lasting it is. Especially if you put a lip gloss on top, you don’t need to reapply it for a couple of hours. Plus, it is a drugstore product, so it is very affordable. I also think that Rimmel lipsticks are similar quality as Mac, but they are twice cheaper.
But going back to the Matte version of Kate lippie, they are pretty much the same quality as the original ones. I recently got colors 113 (beige) and 107 (rich burgundy). The burgundy is absolutely beautiful for Fall and I adore the pigmentation of this product. If you are looking for a perfect burgundy, definitely try this one because it looks amazing on different skin tones.


Is it me or Lily Collins absolutely nailed it? 🙂 I mean this masterpiece by designer Zuhair Murad looks absolutely stunning on her. This dress screams gorgeous! I love the color, lace detailing, stripey skirt – it’s just perfect.


Also the back of the dress looks amazing. I think Lily’s team of stylists works really well, as the jewellery choice is very subtle, yet chic. The hair looks heavenly too. Lily’s low bun is super simple but elegant – just what this dress needs.


And finally makeup. Lily rocks super pale skin, which definitely complements and accentuates her beautiful thick brows. We can see a little cateye going on and natural peachy tone on Lily’s chicks and lips. No contouring, no heavy highlighting and stuff like that. Also, Lily’s middle parting definitely draws attention to her beautiful features, great skin and stunning brows. Absolutely love this look!

What do you guys think?




Hello ladies,

Speaking about Spring 2013 makeup trends, you can definitely notice how fresh and nice the skin of models on the catwalk is. And it’s very achievable too! Just pick your favourite natural finish foundation ( I am really liking Maybelline’s 24h foundation at the moment), and don’t forget about blush! Corals and pinks are huuuuuuuugeee this season. You can find a beautiful coral/peach blush at MAC (‘Peaches’ is lovely) and obviously ‘Coralista’ by Benefit. As for pinks, lovely satin finish pink, I recommend MAC’s ‘Well Dressed’, or a more affordable version by Rimmel in 020 ‘Pink Rose’.


Another spring trend, both makeup and fashion-wise, is bright colors. In Makeup, you can choose between lovely bright lipsticks, or add a little bit of bold color to your eye makeup.


I love these eye makeup looks! They are bold but still very subtle. Also I like simple smokey eye on the lid with a bit of sparkly green/blue eyeshadow on the lower lash line.

For bright spring lipsticks definitely try out Rimmel’s Kate Spring Collection. The colors are vibrant and the product is amazing.


Also, if you are looking for a dupe for YSL lip stains, try these babies


Hohestly, Rimmel makeup is very good quality for a very affordable price.

And finally, lashes and brows. Make them fuller and bigger this spring. Try to pull off the famous ‘cara delevigne’ brows and thick flirty lashes.

Hope you guys enjoyed