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These are beautiful examples of colonnial style architecture in Kandy, Sri Lanka. I loved how they stand next to Buddhist temples – so weird but absolutely stunning.





As you guys have already guessed from the title, this post has nothing to do with makeup, fashion and other stuff I mostly write about. Instead, it is about my recent trip to beautiful Livadia Palace.



Crimean peninsula is a beautiful place in the south of Ukraine. I love it during Spring and Summer time. Crimea has many special places, that tourists like to visit. For me these places are Bakhchisarai, with it’s charming pre-revolutionary streets, old Crimean Tatar houses and mountains, and, of course, Yalta. In fact, when most people think about Crimea, they think about Yalta. This unique place not only has a different from the whole peninsula climate, beautiful nature, but also witnessed so many historical events.

Livadia Palace in Yalta is a wonderful place with green parks, fresh air and beautiful architecture. In the beginning of the 20th century it used to be the Summer residence of the Romanoff (Romanov) family. Tsar Nicholas 2, his wife and five children loved the place and truly enjoyed coming here. Indeed, the moment you enter this place, you feel it’s soul and tragedy, it’s not like some ‘frozen’ and stiff palaces, it’s a true home.




You can see letters N and A for Nicholas and Alexandra, his wife, on the well.


This is how the last Russian tsar’s office looked, you can see a couple of his letters and documents on the table.


We can still witness the tableware the royal family used.


How touching- this photo has probably been a present from the children, as it says ‘Mom’ and “Dad’ on it.

After visitting this lovely place you start feeling how down-to-earth the Romanoff family was. Unfortunately, they have all been cruelly murdered by Russian Communists Bolsheviks in 1918, the eldest of five children Grand Duchess Olga was only 22 at that time, the youngest Prince Alexei – 13. The last Russian Emperor and his family have been shot to death by Soviet soldiers.

I am taking particular interest in the Romanoff family, hence my excitement about Livadia Palace. There are a couple of good movies about the last Russian tsar and tsarina – ‘The Assassin of the Tsar’, ‘Last Days of the Last Tsar’, ‘Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny’, ‘Russian Ark’ and ‘The Romanovs: an Imperial Family’. I also enjoy lookig through their pictures, they seem so close, a true family.





Is it me or Lily Collins absolutely nailed it? ūüôā I mean this masterpiece by designer Zuhair Murad looks absolutely stunning on her. This dress screams gorgeous! I love the color, lace detailing, stripey skirt – it’s just perfect.


Also the back of the dress looks amazing. I think Lily’s team of stylists works really well, as the jewellery choice is very subtle, yet chic. The hair looks heavenly too. Lily’s low bun is super simple but elegant – just what this dress needs.


And finally makeup. Lily rocks super pale skin, which definitely complements and accentuates her beautiful thick brows. We can see a little cateye going on and natural peachy tone on Lily’s chicks and lips. No contouring, no heavy highlighting and stuff like that. Also, Lily’s middle parting definitely draws attention to her beautiful features, great skin and stunning brows. Absolutely love this look!

What do you guys think?




My Favourite Look For Fall

It’s really hard to realize, the Summer is over. But I am very excited about Fall 2013 fashion trends. I created this look on polyvore yesterday and I absolutely love it.
Suits are massive lately, Mango does really nice ones and they fit so well. Also this combo of red and leopard looks just perfect to me. And I love the shoes from Giuzeppe Zanotti as well. This outfit is feminine and bossy at the same time. As for the top, I would pick a simple black or beige tee.
Hope you guys like this look.

Love maxi
Love maxi by adilebkk featuring a halter top maxi dress

Ted Baker maxi dress

Coast sweet heart dress

Dorothy Perkins maxi dress

Mulberry summer shoes

Tory burch sandals

Flat shoes

Michael Kors tan leather handbag

Quilted handbag



Hi guys!

Let me start by saying that spring is the season women are usually most excited about. Since the winter is over (FINALLY!!!!!) we can now wear dresses, shorts, skirts, bold blazers and don’t forget about accessories! Honestly, I am so happy to hide all the winter itchy sweaters that make my hair crazy frizzzzzzy ūüôā

Okay, so what are the spring essentials? Obviously, cute florals, pastels and brights are always in during the spring time! You can never go wrong with a nice dress with floral print, or a bold bright blazer, or a nice peachy pastel shirt.


The short floral dress and earrings are from Asos, pastel lilac bag is from Paul’s Boutique, the blazer is by Mango, color-block pink & green dress is by Love

Don’t be afraid to mix bright colors! You can add more than one bright color to your outfit.

So, apart from all-time-spring-favourites like pastels, brights and florals, what are the spring 2013 trends?

Black &white patterns are HUUUUUUUUUGEEEE this spring!!! You can see monochrome prints on dresses, blazers, shorts, jeans, bags and what not! My personal favourites are maxi dresses with black & white patterns.


The short dress- Asos, both maxis are by Love, the suit and the necklace are from Topshop

As you can see there are so many paterns, hence hundreds of ways to combine black and white and it will never look boring. I think it’s very elegant too. It’s very simple and chic at the same time.

Next, I would like to mention cut-out clothing. Mainly tops and dresses. I love peekaboo dresses, they look so flirty and springy.


The yellow maxi dress – Asos, the midi dress, the lime dress and the crop top are from Oh My Love, the navy & blue dress is by Asos

Another trend of this spring – bold stripes. They are everywhere, even on handbags! Very casual and chic.


Satchel – Topshop, suit is by Mango, dress – Rare

As you can see, stripes are very versatile and look great with bright colors and denim.


The dress is from Only.

For accessories, they are definitely statement and noticeble. Think big and chunky when picking a new necklace or bracelet. Also don’t forget about a pair of new OMG sunglasses!


Earrings, sunglasses, necklace – Asos

Overall, I would definitely recommend investing in blacks & whites and good jewellery. You will look sophisticated and trendy wearing them, plus you can always keep them for the next season.

And finally shoes. We have plenty to chose from – brights, studs & spikes, gold, cut-outs, straps, buckles, neutrals, etc.


All shoes are from Topshop

My next post is going to be about spring makeup.

Hope you guys enjoyed,

Hugs & kisses

Wood, leather and spikes

My friend took this photo yesterday. I went away for just a couple of minutes, and when I was back she showed me this picture (it’s my chair and my jacket). I think it’s brilliant! Very raw and emotional, don’t you think?