I am loving WaterMinder at the moment! As many of you have already guessed, it reminds you to drink more water. When I first apploaded it, the app asked my weight and gender, so it can help me understand how much water I need. Since water is super important for your health, I do recommend downloading this app!

Next, Calm or calm.com , which is an app that helps you get rid of anxiety, panic attacks, etc. I absolutely love meditating with this app. Also it helps me fall asleep and encourages to step out of my comfort zone.

And finally, Sleep Time. It’s not just an alarm clock! You set the time in the evening, and then in the morning the app wakes you app maybe 10-5 min. before or something like that. The reason – Sleep Time detects your sleep stages and wakes you during quiet sleep stage, hence you feel better in the morning and it’s easier to leave your bed.
This apps are free, so definitely try them.