Hello, everyone! Since my birthday purchases with clothes and accessories from Asos and River Island have not arrived yet 😦 , I’ve decided to amuse myself by writing an article about my favourite TV Shows and characters. I can’t say, that I watch TV shows alot, but some of them have become my favourite. I’ve decided to do a little psychological research – why do certain TV Shows/characters appeal to us so much? First of all, the plot, second, likeable characters. Also, we might find resemblance between us and those characters, but most of the time, we like characters that possess qualities, that we lack. And if you have not fallen asleep by know))), I would like to tell you guys about my favourite TV Shows and characters.

If I was told one day, that I can only watch one TV Show my entire life, I would probably pick Desperate Housewives.


They are amazing! I honestly have not enough words to express, how much I am in love with these gorgeous strong women.The show highlights different important sides of woman’s life – marriage, carrier, friendship, kids, spicing it up with lotsa humorous situations.

My all-time favourite gal is Gabrielle Solis.


She is spoilled and self-centered, but she is also a good friend and an amazing wife.


But that’s her increadible and unique sense of humour, that we like best about her!

My second favourite TV Show is Sex & the City and I just love Samantha Jones!


She is always true to herself, a bit tough and even vulgar sometimes – but that’s what we love about her. She teaches all women a lesson, that helps us survive – never love a man more than you love yourself!Image

Another great TV Show for me is Californication and Hank Moody is just amazing. He’s really bad**s, a huge womanizer but so much fun to watch! I think that his secret is in not treating life seriously and just enjoying himself.

Okay, my last favourite character, whom I trully worship is Lafayette from True Blood.


I’ve watched the whole TV Show because I love him so much!!! He got swag and attitude, and he is just hillarious.

So in case you haven’t heard about these guys, I trully recommend watching these TV Shows. I would also like to know about your favouriteTV Shows and characters, so please comment.