Hi guys! Today I would like to share with you my hair care routine and products that I love using. Since I was a kid my hair has always been really thick and healthy, however I’ve been using my curling wand and my hair straightener a lot, hence my ends seem a little bit dry. So I’m gonna tell you how to make your hair look healthy and shiny using pretty much affordable products.

Okay, so first of all I’m gonna tell you guys about the shampoos I use on a daily basis. I’ve been using my Head&Shoulders for a while now, until I discovered a new brand (at least to me) available at the local Watson’s. It’s called Superdrug. Here’s the website if you’re wondering http://www.superdrug.com/. The funny part is that it’s really cheap, but at the same time super good for my hair!!! 🙂


They had a bunch of different shampoos/conditioners for normal, oily, dry, dyed and damaged hair. But that’s what I got. My skin is pretty oily, as well as my hair, so this shampoo is like a blessing to me. It leaves my hair smelling good and super shiny for at least 3 days!

Speaking about the conditioner, I’ve decided to pick this one coz as I’ve already mentioned my ends are a little bit dry, so I thought that would work for me. And it did – my ends are so moisturized and healthy. Great quality, smell and the packaging is pretty cute too. Another great thing about this brand is that they don’t do animal testing, so it’s complitely cruelty free! 🙂


I don’t know why but I just couldn’t buy a dry shampoo here. Honestly, even in Watson’s they didn’t have any. But I remembered about this significant hair product during my last trip to St. Petersburg. I was so happy when I found this dry shampoo by a cool London-based brand called Lee Stafford. Again, I picked the one for oily roots (they had a bunch of different shampoos in Rive Gauche). It’s amazing! It instantly refreshes my hair and it smells yummi too. It wasn’t cheap though – around $20. But I got two of those just coz I was so happy with the product. I think it’s super convinient for people, who have fringe/bangs coz you don’t have to wash it every morning.


This is another product I purchased at the local Watson’s. It’s moisturising and repairing olive hair treatment. You have to have somethong like this if you use straighteners and curling wands a lot? like I do. The packaging says ‘leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly’. But what I do is wash my hair, apply some of this stuff on my ends only (not roots!), make a hair bun and just go to bed. In the morning after I rinse and blow dry my hair, it looks absolutely stunning and soooo healthy!Image

And finally, the products I got from Boots in Bangkok. I love UK drug stores! They have a great range of nice products on affordable prices, plus I know that coconut and almond are good for my hair. So I was super excited when I saw these. I’ve been using them for a while now and I don’t know what I’m going to do when they are finished. My hair used to act crazy especially when it’s cold outside, but this leave-in conditioner makes it so smooth and shiny. Luv-luv-luv!!!!

Hope this article was useful and interesting for you guys.